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We live in the age of the “celebrity pastor” whose podcasts are heard around the world and whose tweets often make headline news. In this 50-minute training post from the RightNow Conference, Francis Chan, author of Crazy Love and founding pastor of Cornerstone Church, talks about the role and responsibility of leaders in the modern church and candidly discusses what it takes to be an effective church leader today.  

As you watch, take notes and write down thoughts about how this message can impact your ministry.

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Francis referenced 1 Samuel 30:6—David finding strength in the Lord when faced with condemnation. Are you trusting the Lord during adversity? How are we modeling our reliance and trust in God? Are we being open and accountable to each other and those we lead?
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Francis said that one goal of godly leadership is to raise up mature Christians who know how to study God’s Word and are able to teach others about Christ. How are we accomplishing that; can you give some specific examples?
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Francis challenged leaders to evaluate programs to determine if we are creating a safe retreat for people instead of unleashing them. How are we leading people to think and live like missionaries instead of consumers? How can we better encourage and unleash those we lead to be intentional with their time, talent and money to impact the world outside the walls of the church?
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Are there any areas where you feel like our ministry team is working in the flesh? Should we change how we lead in that area or do we need to re-evaluate that area of ministry?
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Sandy’s story showed a man who respectfully shared his faith, which allowed his co-worker to approach him after initially rejecting his message. How are we equipping people to be respectfully bold in sharing their faith? Do you know anyone like Sandy who would be good to bring up as a leader?
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Francis explained how the person who has the best chance of reaching a lost person is the Christian who works with or lives right beside them. Our job as church leaders is not to be the main star, but to be the coach who diligently inspires and empowers people to make God known throughout the world.  
How are they/we doing at bringing people to Christ?

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