Are You Worth Following?

2009 RightNow Conference

Have you ever thought about the real meaning of leadership? A few things are certain that leadership is not about: Numerical growth, building campaigns or bigger budgets. Rather, leadership is leading people to become more like Christ. In this 38-minute session from the 2009 RightNow Conference, Tim Ross, preacher with over 16 years of ministry experience, asks the question: When people follow us, will they get to Him? In other words, are our patterns, attributes, and behaviors getting people to the Savior?

As you watch, take notes and write down thoughts about how this message can impact your ministry.

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Tim said that leadership is about God putting his anointing on an individual and letting that individual’s characteristics come through with God’s influence. What are some of the unique characteristics of those on your ministry team? Consider some of your own unique characteristics. How can we utilize each leader’s characteristics in their realm of leadership; making sure we’re doing it with God’s influence?
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Tim explained that Paul was saying in Phil. 3:17-19, “If you want to be like Jesus, just keep following me.” When people follow you, are they getting to Jesus? How are they getting to Him? What are some areas that need improvement?
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Tim talked about being a leader who is H.O.T.—Honest, Open, and Transparent. How are we doing at being transparent with each other? How are we doing at being transparent with those we lead? What are some obstacles that keep us from being totally honest, open and transparent? What are the risks?
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What are the benefits of being honest, open and transparent with the people we lead? How can we better communicate, to those we lead, the importance of being honest, open and transparent in their own circles of influence?
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Tim talked about secular culture creeping into the church so much that we can’t see Christ because we see culture. How can we be relevant in reaching our culture, and still keep Christ at the center of our ministry?
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It’s critical that we look at ourselves and examine if we’re placing anything above the level of our obedience to God. Leadership is difficult. It requires dying to self.  

You are a leader, but are you worth following?

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