The Mission of Small Groups

2009 RightNow Conference

Many church leaders say that small groups are the purest form of the church and the best place for real biblical community. Study time and overall care for the group are necessary components to small group life, but could there be more that’s missing? In this 37-minute session from the 2009 RightNow Conference, Alan Danielson, Senior Pastor of New Life Bible Church, will encourage ways your small groups can become launching pads to impact the community and world for Christ.

As you watch, take notes and write down thoughts about how this message can impact your ministry.

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Alan Danielson asked if we believe in these two statements and then posed a question. “Small groups are the purest form of the Church” and “The Church exists for the world.” Have we built our small group ministry to exist for the church? What do we want the focus of our small group ministry to be? What do we need to change to achieve that purpose?
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How does our small group ministry interpret the command to “make disciples”? How do we equip our small groups in disciple-making? What are some ways we can come alongside small group leaders and equip them to make disciples?
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Alan shared how small groups will either impact a community positively or negatively, stating that “no impact” is a negative impact. What impact do you think our small groups generally have on their communities? How can we encourage our small groups to become launching pads to impact their communities for Christ? Do we need to help those small groups that have no (negative) impact change their focus?
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In the group interview that included small group pastors, they all talked about small groups getting beyond the inward focus of caring for each other and becoming outwardly focused. Do our small groups focus more on relationship building or are they reaching out? How can an outward-focused small group help our people go deeper in their relationships as they go deeper in their community? How can we encourage both?
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You could see in the group interview the different approaches that small group pastors have in directing their small groups’ content and activity. How would you define our strategy in equipping and connecting our small groups? Is there a way that our small groups need more specific help in study tools and training? Do our small group leaders need more specific help in training? Do our small groups need more specific direction and connection in reaching out?
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When all our inaction turns to action, that is when the world sees Christ and sees that followers of Jesus really do care. And ultimately, that is when lives are transformed by the gospel. Community is a wild and dangerous place, but it’s time for our groups to get out there and start living in the midst of it.

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