Don't Give Up

2010 RightNow Conference

In this 45-minute session from the 2010 RightNow Conference, Todd Phillips, Teaching Pastor of Lake Pointe Church, explains how we can excel within boundaries God has placed in our lives. He uses the life of Joshua as an example of a man who maximized his impact within the boundaries God placed in his life.

As you watch, take notes and write down thoughts about how this message can impact your ministry.

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Todd Phillips talked about how sometimes we see boundaries as though they were placed by man. But boundaries are really placed there by God for His purposes. How are we leading others to see that boundaries are placed in their lives by God? How are we equipping them to cope with obstacles and boundaries in a God-honoring way as they work and minister outside the walls of the church?
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Todd used the life of Joshua as an example of a man who maximized his impact within the boundaries God placed in his life and gave us three tips. First: Excel where God has placed you. What are the obstacles or boundaries we face in carrying out our mission? Are there any creative ways to remove any of the obstacles? How can our ministry team maximize our impact?
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Todd also encouraged us not to let bitterness to take root. Are there any areas of bitterness within our ministry team? What can we do to mend the relationships or change attitudes? Are we carrying out any part of our mission conveying bitterness to the world? What should we change?
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Then Todd challenged us to stay a little longer in frustrating circumstances. Are there any areas within our ministry team or in our mission where we are trying to quit? What is the cause? What could be a different solution?
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How are you availing yourself as “wise counsel” for those who are serving outside the walls of our church?
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We will all face times of frustration because of boundaries and obstacles. Like Joshua, God takes us out of our comfort zone and puts us into harsh environments to make us lean completely on Him. And as we depend on God, we can find joy in submitting to those boundaries and maximize our impact for God as we persevere.

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