The Meaning of Work

2010 RightNow Conference

Most people are spending 40, 50, and even 60 hours working each week. How can we make that huge chunk of our lives meaningful? In this 45-minute session from the 2010 RightNow Conference, Erwin McManus, author and Lead Pastor of Mosaic Church, explains the divine relationship between work and meaning; work as worship.

As you watch, take notes and write down thoughts about how this message can impact your ministry.

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Erwin McManus used this session to explain the divine relationship between work and meaning. What has been your experience about your work – positive or negative? How does that affect your attitude at your job? What would be your dream job? Why?
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Erwin talked about how work is not about making money, it’s about making meaning. He challenges us by saying, don’t look for meaning in your work, but bring meaning to your work. How does our identity in Christ inform the way we bring meaning to our work? How are we encouraging people to bring meaning to their work? How are we encouraging people to use their God-given gifts and talents in whatever job they have?
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Erwin said, “People have this strange feeling that if they have a regular job, then they are not doing the work of Jesus. Instead of creating a “missionary” mentality, we create a “mercenary” mentality where we pay people to do the things we were created to do.” Are we encouraging people to “outsource” their responsibility for ministry to those in full-time ministry? How? What should we change?
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Erwin talked about how churches are mixed up when they invest in the vision and mission of one person. He said the church should turn the funnel around, invest in the mission of the people and release them on mission. What is the vision of our ministry? Are we focused on what this church is doing or are we mobilizing the people to be salt and light outside the church? How are we mobilizing people in their workplace?
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Erwin encouraged ministry staff to train, equip and launch those who go to the front line every single day. Who are those people? How are we inspiring them to see their sphere of influence as a mission field? What are some creative ways we can highlight what they are doing? How can we equip them to serve God well in those areas?
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There is only one calling – Jesus. We all have that important mission to carry out. Ministry staff is called to train, equip and launch those who go to the front line every single day. And for those who work outside the walls of the church, you are the frontline. You don't need to leave the front line to go into ministry. Take the ministry to the frontline.

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