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In Luke 4 Jesus is asked to pick out a passage and read from Scripture.Jesus picks Isaiah 61:1-2 to talk about the poor and declare the year of the Lord’s favor. Compassion is our greatest apologetic. In this 54-minute session from the 2010 RightNow Conference, Max Lucado, author and Teaching Pastor at Oak Hills Church, talks about the church’s role in caring for the poor. He starts with a look at the end of time when, the first act of the just-crowned King will be to applaud our works of compassion.

As you watch, take notes and write down thoughts about how this message can impact your ministry.

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Max Lucado gave the statistic that 80% of the world’s resources are owned and controlled by 20% of the people. Does that seem true in your community? Are we leading people to be good stewards of their resources? What are we teaching? Are we leading them to be intentional with their time, money and passions outside the walls of the church?
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Max shared Jesus chose Isaiah 61:1-2 when He was asked to read scripture. That passage speaks of the poor and declares the year of the Lord’s favor. Is our ministry placing importance on alleviating poverty and suffering in our community and around the world? What are we doing? Is our ministry isolated from those who “have not”? How can we change that?
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When there was favoritism in the distribution of food in the early church, they got the best of the best to tackle the problem and set it right. What are some of the poverty and injustice issues that we want to address? What are we doing about it now? Who are the people in our body who have the knowledge, passion or connections to help get this done better? How can we unleash them to take the lead?
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Max reminds us that compassion is our greatest apologetic. He challenged us to engage in acts of compassion around the world. Where are we bringing the hope of Jesus Christ to those who have not heard? How are we earning the right to tell them about Jesus? How are we leading people to be the hope and help of Christ in their own circle of influence - where they live and work?
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Max talked about how the Acts is not just a history of what the church did, but a challenge to what we can do. What are we prompted to do differently as we take that challenge from the early church? How can we be more intentional with our own ministry resources? What could that look like?
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This is the opportunity that faces our generation. There are 2000 verses in the Bible that tell us to care for the poor. The book of Acts was not recorded to tell us what the Church did, but to charge us with what the Church can do.

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