Listen and Ask Questions

Some Things Just Go Together

A good leader knows that it's important to show people that you value them. Best-selling author, speaker, and leadership expert, Jeremy Kingsley, explains how listening and asking questions go hand in hand and build relationships.

Jeremy Kingsley is the author of four books including Inspired People Produce ResultsBe LastGetting Back Up When Life Knocks You Down, and One Step Closer: To A Life Worth Living. Jeremy holds bachelors and masters degrees from Columbia International University and lives in Columbia, South Carolina with his wife, Dawn and their two sons.   

How would you describe a good listener?
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In what ways do you listen to the people you work with? What kinds of questions do you ask them?
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How could you practice good listening skills this week?
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When you listen to your coworkers and employees, you show them you value them. Focus your attention on listening to the people you work with this week. Take in what they say and ask good follow up questions.

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