When Life Doesn't Go Your Way


We're bound to be disappointed in life—things don't always go our way. According to Jeremy Kingsley, best-selling author, speaker, and leadership expert, let downs could lead to something greater. 

Jeremy Kingsley is the author of four books including Inspired People Produce ResultsBe LastGetting Back Up When Life Knocks You Down, and One Step Closer: To A Life Worth Living. Jeremy holds bachelors and masters degrees from Columbia International University and lives in Columbia, South Carolina with his wife, Dawn and their two sons.   

When has work been disappointing for you?
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How have disappointments turned out for the better? What have you learned when life hasn't gone your way?
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How could you apply what you've learned from past disappointments in your workplace this week?
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The way you handle disappointments speaks to your character. We can take the disappointments of work, learn from them, and move forward. When life doesn't go your way this week, choose optimism—look for the lesson or silver lining. 

To learn more about Jeremy Kingsley, click here