The Time to Ask Questions

The Path to Victory

There's a time to ask questions and a time to get in the game. According to best-selling author, speaker, and leadership expert, Jeremy Kingsley, knowing the difference can or break the success of a team.

Jeremy Kingsley is the author of four books including Inspired People Produce Results, Be Last, Getting Back Up When Life Knocks You Down, and One Step Closer: To A Life Worth Living. Jeremy holds bachelors and masters degrees from Columbia International University and lives in Columbia, South Carolina with his wife, Dawn and their two sons. 

How receptive is the environment of your organization to questions among your team? What impact does that have on morale?
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Does your team have a clear understanding about the proper time for asking questions? Why or why not?
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In what ways could your team improve in its ability to question appropriately? What can you do to be a part of facilitating that change going forward?
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Having a culture that responsibility encourages questions plays a large part in the success of a team, but there must be a balance. Like Jeremy said, the huddle of a football game is no place for questions. You either know the game plan by then or you don't. Consider how your team could stand to grow in its ability to invite questions at the appropriate time.

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