Is It Worth the Trade?

2010 RightNow Conference

This 50-minute session from the 2010 RightNow Conference is an opportunity for us to focus on our mission to lead others to trade in a distorted pursuit of the American Dream for a world that desperately needs Christ. Pete Briscoe, Senior Pastor of Bent Tree Bible Fellowship in Carrollton, TX, challenges us to examine our motives and seek direction as we lead others.

As you watch this session, take notes and write down thoughts about how this session can impact your ministry.

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We saw an illustration at the that explained the definition of a Trader. What is compelling about the definition of a Trader? How does our ministry convey this message? How can we better equip and unleash those we lead, to be intentional with their time, talent and money and impact the world outside the walls of the church?
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Pete explained how Paul traded in the Law for Grace. Are we “traffickers” of grace as we lead others? How are we inspiring others to also be stewards of God’s grace? How can we better model this outside our walls?
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Paul also traded for the Mystery, which is Christ himself. Once hidden, it is now available to the whole Church. Are there ways we are working in our own strength, like Pete’s example of the empty glove? What can we change to lead and equip with Christ working through us?
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Pete explained how the Church is God’s chosen vehicle to take Christ to the world. How are we encouraging and launching people to make an impact outside the walls of our church?
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Pete candidly talked about his difficult season of burnout and renewal in ministry. He explained how we all go through times of exciting growth, boring obligation, and the weariness of burnout. What season are you going through? What can we do to be fully engaged in the gift of ministry that God has called us to do? What ways can we inspire and lead others as they experience the same seasons?
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We all have different seasons as we carry out the ministry that God has given each of us. Pete encouraged us to stay in Scripture, because that’s where we find the direction and encouragement to lead. This video session ended with Tyler’s story—how he traded in the family business for Kingdom business.

How can you lead and inspire your church members to be traders?

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