How Do We Worship Through Our Work?

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Whether you are a CEO, young entrepreneur or manager in your business, you have an enormous opportunity to give people a picture of God by the way you work. Check out this 3-minute video to see the potential you have to impact the world around you for Christ.

I love that video and the validation it give us. It really sets the tone for how we want to take our businesses to the next level and honor God in the way we lead and run them. Now let’s talk about the “how.” How can we honor God and worship through our work? 

Listen to Chris Duncan, CEO of Convene, as he gives us biblical and practical ways to connecting our faith to our business and live out who God made us to be.

Chris gave 7 excellent ways we can make sure to connect our faith to our work. 
  1. Know God’s character
  2. Live an integrated life 
  3. Pursue growth 
  4. Pursue profitability 
  5. Love and serve the team 
  6. Give money 
  7. “Die to ourselves”

These are all equally important to balance in our lives. Take a few moments to take an honest assessment of what these 7 things look like in your own life. Are there any of these that are difficult for you? Do you feel like sometimes “business is business”?
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Chris referenced Luke 2:52, how as Jesus matured and gained wisdom, that affected how God and others looked at him. What are you doing to get the fuel you need to be fruitful?
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Chris also mentioned that loving and serving the team is how we can model our faith and reflect Christ to others. Check out the story of Red Dot Metal Buildings, a family-owned metal building manufacturer. This company encourages and helps their employees meet the needs of children at risk.

Red Dot 100X ministry started out of a dream to expand a successful business into a ministry that serves others. I love that! That story really gets my mind going in some creative ways on how we can love and serve our teams. What examples from your own business or new ideas did this story stir in you?
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As we continue to encourage and inspire each other to honor God and our families and to lead successful businesses, let’s not forget to surrender, recognizing that God owns it all.

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