A Way Forward

Take a Risk

We might not associate Jesus with risk—risk sometimes seems like a purely secular endeavor. But Jesus took risks every time He reached out to someone with leprosy or a tax collector. Joe Boyd, Founder and President of Rebel Pilgrim, uses the story of the woman at the well to illustrate how to take risks. 

Joe Boyd is the Founder and President of Rebel Pilgrim, a full service creative agency and media production company with offices in Cincinnati and Las Vegas. Joe is a movie producer and the author of Between Two Kingdoms as well as a regular contributor for the Huffington PostPatheosLeadercastChristian Standard, and Rebel Storytellers.  

Jesus stepped over countless cultural boundaries to speak to the woman at the well. He ignored gender and religious norms in order to reach people with the good news. As leaders, we can model Jesus’ level of risk in the way we lead our companies. 

How does the story of the Samaritan woman strike you as a leader? Why?
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Joe described a pattern he observed from this story about innovative leaders.
1. They go a direction no one expects them to go.
2. They bring followers along with them.
3. They take calculated risks at the right time (and allow room for failure).
4. They stay there.

When have you lead your team somewhere no one expected? How did that turn out?
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Are you more inclined to bring others along to learn from you as you lead or work alone? Why? What might be the benefit of having people follow you as you take risks?
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What’s your attitude toward risks? Do you avoid them or plunge into them head-on?
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Joe said the only way to know when to take risks is to mess up a few times. How have past failures shaped you as a leader? How has your experience contributed to how you make decisions?
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Describe a time when you or someone you followed took a risk for the better. What were the long-term benefits of taking the risk?
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Joe closed by talking about focusing on a project until it’s ready to be passed off. As a leader, what signals you that a project is ready to be handed off to someone else? Is it easy or difficult for you to pass the baton? Why?
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What could you do this week to implement one or more of these four steps in your workplace?
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Taking risks is a part of leading a team. Take the four principles of leading through risk to heart this week. If it’s time to step out on a limb, glean from Jesus’ example. Or if the opportunity arises to pass off a project to another team member, choose to allow someone else the chance to grow. 

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