Find a Good Fit

Who to Hire

It can be difficult to find a new employee. Interviewers have to look for someone with skills as well as character and integrity. The best hires usually reflect the core values of their company and work well with their coworkers. Business and leadership expert Patrick Lencioni talks about what employers should look for in employees to ensure they fit well in the organization.

Patrick Lencioni is the Founder and CEO of The Table Group. He speaks and writes about leadership and organizational health and consults to CEOs and their teams. Patrick is the author of 10 best-selling books including The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business.  

Not everyone belongs in your organization. Some people fit well with your company’s culture and practices, while others clash. Patrick suggested that employers identify the core values of their organization and hire those who uphold those values.  

Patrick mentioned that most employers look for a certain skill set or work experience. What have you looked for in an employee? Why?
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Patrick encouraged employers to hire employees who align with the organization’s core values. In what ways do you determine if a potential employee will fit well in your company?
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Patrick also said that new employees should work well with existing employees. Would you say it’s an easy transition bringing someone new on your team? Why or why not?
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What sorts of practices or attitudes are unacceptable in your company? What actions are praised?
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What are some of your company’s core values? Based on those values, what kind of employees does your company want to attract? If you’re uncertain, how does your answer to the question above speak to what your company values? What steps could you take with other leaders to articulate your organization’s values this week?
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As you hire new employees and integrate them into the company, take Patrick’s advice into consideration. Your employees reflect your organization, so it’s important to choose carefully. When you hire someone, look for a person who will work well with your current employees and represent your company’s values.  

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