Interviews Can Be Creative

Get to Know Candidates

Interviews can feel repetitive. You ask the same questions and hear similar answers. The interview process doesn’t have to be redundant—there are ways to make it creative. Business and leadership expert Patrick Lencioni speaks on how to spice up interviews in order to truly get to know potential employees.

Patrick Lencioni is the Founder and CEO of The Table Group. He speaks and writes about leadership and organizational health and consults to CEOs and their teams. Patrick is the author of 10 best-selling books including The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business.  

Patrick said interviewers can strive for creativity in interviews. He talked about throwing and interviewee into a situation where they have to multitask and handle stress. For example, an interviewer could take a potential employee to a grocery store to see how he or she handles lines, accomplishes tasks, and relates to people. 

Would you consider adopting Patrick’s suggestion next time you interview someone? Why or why not?
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What creative approaches have you used in the interview process? Did it help you choose the best candidate for the job? Why or why not?
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Patrick listed a few tips about interviewing:

  • Ask the same question more than once.
  • Ask the interviewee what others would say about him or her.
  • Ask about his or her passions.

Which of Patrick’s suggestions, if any, have you used before? Which ones could you try next time you interview?
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Patrick closed his talk by offering two suggestions for making an interview collaborative.

  • Have several team members interview a candidate together.
  • Set up interview schedule where interviewers can debrief with each other. 

Would you ever consider a collaborative interview process? Why or why not?
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How might bringing other team members into interviews shape the hiring process at your company?
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In what ways could you implement one of Patrick’s interview suggestions next time you hire a new employee?
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Interviews don’t have to be boring. You can take a creative approach as you look for new employees. Conduct group interviews or throw potential employees into stressful situations to see how they will react. Creativity could help you find the perfect person for you organization.  

To find out more about The Table Group, click here.  

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