5 - Imagination

Dream Bigger

Throughout this course, Dave has shared the value of integrity, passion, and servanthood in leadership. All three produce strong leaders, teams, and organizations the make their mission happen for the good of others and the world. In this final session, Dave talks about the role of imagination in leadership. 

Dave said that an imaginative leader is someone who has the ability to dream bigger, think bigger, ask what if questions, and do blue sky thinking that challenges the status quo. 

Would you consider yourself an imaginative leader? Why or why not? When do you ask questions that challenge yourself and others to break away from the status quo?
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Have you ever worked with an imaginative leader who inspired you and others to think outside the box? What happened? Why was it so valuable?
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Dave described three barriers that often hold leaders and organizations back from imaginative thinking: 
  1. Fear of failure.
  2. Fear of not being perfect.
  3. Fear of letting go of the past.

Do you share any of these fears? What do they look like in your life and leadership? How have they held you back from imaginative thinking?
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Do your boss or organization encourage imaginative thinking? In what ways? Do you think staff feel comfortable taking risks with new ideas? Why or why not?
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Has your organization done anything new or innovative in the last few years? If so, describe how it has influenced the company. If not, how has a lack of innovation affected creativity, morale, and growth?
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What area of the organization could use innovative new ideas? Why? How could you take the lead?
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Dave reminded us that there is no growth without change. May we ask the what if questions and imagine better processes, products, and services that will not only keep our companies healthy and thriving, but also enable us to live out integrity, passion, and service. May we imagine better for our clients, customers, communities, and the world.  

The content from this course is based on Elemental Leaders: 4 Essentials Every Leader Needs…And Every Church Must Have by Dave Workman. Click here to learn more.