2 - Integrity

Walk the Talk

In the first session, Dave introduced the course by describing the traits of an elemental leader. Listen now as he shares more about the integrity element and how to determine if you and your organization have it.  

Dave said that leaders and organizations with integrity walk out their talk. He uses an integrity triangle to think about it:

  • Side 1: Does the leader have personal integrity?
  • Side 2: Is the organization working toward their mission?
  • Side 3: Does the organization have systems to make the mission happen? 

Have you ever worked with a leader or organization who lacked integrity? How could you tell? How did it influence your trust in that person or organization?
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In what ways do you personally strive to live and work with integrity? Why is that important to you?
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What is the mission of your organization? Do you think your organization is accomplishing or working toward that mission? Why or why not?
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What core values and processes are in place to ensure your organization lives out its mission? What else could be done?
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Leaders and organizations with integrity are honest with themselves and others. They know their vision, mission, and values and seek to live them out on a daily basis. Head to the next session to consider how passion influences organizational health.