Conformed to Christ Through Suffering

A Unique Message of Hope For Sufferers

When suffering with the brokenness of mental illness, many will work to simply alleviate symptoms. In this post, Jeremy Lelek, President of the Association of Biblical Counselors, points us to the truth that for the believer, even brokenness works to conform us to the image of Christ. In the midst of mental illness, sufferers can learn the faithfulness of God, who is an ever-present help in time of need.

Because of the gospel, we can rest in the faithfulness of our Redeemer, who is an ever–present help in times of trouble. God is transforming each of His children to look more like Jesus, including those struggling with mental illness. 

How is this perspective on mental illness—that God uses even mental illness to conform His children to the image of Christ—different from those you have heard before? Does it influence your level of hope?
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Jeremy touched upon the truth that our Redeemer is committed to transforming the mind of even the one who is struggling most. How does this fuel your love for and trust in the Lord?
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What type of suffering have you experienced that served to conform you to look more like Jesus?
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This week, how might your interactions with someone who is struggling with mental illness change, because of this shift in perspective? How could this new perspective equip you to be an instrument of hope for that person?
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God uses all things, even mental illness, to conform His children to the image of Christ. He is faithful in our suffering.

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