Train Leaders to Counsel

A Continual Process

A hectic schedule can drive anyone crazy. Pastors have to juggle more than most, counseling included. But pastors can pass the counseling baton to other church leaders to free up their time. Cristian Barbosu, Senior Pastor of Harvest Metanoia Church in Arad, Romania,explains how his church approaches biblical counseling through its small group leaders. He encourages pastors to train leaders to counsel in order to lighten their counseling load. 

Cristian said he learned to lessen the amount of counseling on his plate by training small group leaders how to use biblical counseling within their groups. He realized the leaders could handle the majority of counseling issues, freeing him up to focus on other areas of leadership. 

What is your current counseling load? Do you feel overwhelmed? Why or why not?
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How is your church organized? Would it work well in your church’s structure to train your small group leaders in biblical counseling? Why or why not?
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Cristian suggested that if we want to see changes in people, we shouldn’t rely on psychology. What do you think about his statement? Why? Do you think there’s room to use psychology in biblical counseling? Why or why not?
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In what ways could you take practical steps toward training church leaders in biblical counseling this week?
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Leaders equipped to counsel can come alongside you as you pastor your church to provide support and free up your time. Consider a few leaders you could teach how to counsel. Try out Cristian’s approach and train your small group leaders to employ biblical counseling in their groups. Commit to a model that works well for your church. 

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