Money: Help Others, Help Themselves featuring Dave Ramsey

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We are going to deal with a really tricky subject that many leaders face in their groups...what to do when someone in your group is in a financial crisis. Our current economy has made life difficult for so many and it's important that we as leaders have a game plan we can be confident about. Watch this real-life story with Joel and Erica, a couple who know first-hand the stress that financial crisis can bring.

Joel and Erica's financial struggles caused great stress in their personal lives and in their marriage. They realized that things were out of control. An when they began to communicate, they were able to develop a plan. The panicky feelings of despair were replaced with humility, understanding and cooperation. I'm sure it wasn't easy. Do you have anyone in your group who has reached a financial breaking point? Describe the situation.
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Dave Ramsey is a personal money management expert. He is a financial guru who experienced his own financial crisis and learned the Biblical principals of finance. He helps countless people with their finances through his national radio show, seminars and best-selling books on the topic. Check out what he has to say about fighting the symptoms of financial crisis. 

Did it shock you that Dave said to not give people money? Instead he encourages us to help people understand that they need to take care of their four walls first and foremost. Dave described that as: food, shelter, clothing, transportation and utilities. What are some ways you can help the people you know in financial crisis to focus on their four walls?
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Dave taught us that financial crisis is typically part of a deeper issue, so the act of giving money can sometimes do more harm then good. 
You don't have to carry that burden. 

Instead, I need you to be the connecting point between the staff at the church and the people in your group who are facing financial crisis. If you let me know the situation, then I can get them the type of help they need.

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