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Counselors and pastors don’t often work together for the health of a church member. But there is a way to come alongside counselors for the care of an individual. In this post, produced in cooperation with the Association of Biblical Counselors, Dr. John Henderson explains how counselors and pastors can work together for the good of a church.

John is the Executive Director of the Center for Church Equipping, which is a training arm of the Association of Biblical Counselors, a pastor, and author of several books including Equipped to Counsel: A Training Program in Biblical Counseling.

John said a church can use sources of wisdom that aren’t necessarily members of their church. However, he encouraged pastors to develop a relationship with professional counselors so they know who will be caring for their members. 

What is your attitude toward professional counselors? Why?
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You can recommend Christian counselors from your congregation. Who from your church works as a counselor? Would you consider recommending them to another church member? Why or why not?
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What counselors outside of your church do you have relationships with? Have you ever referred a church member to them? Why or why not?
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John emphasized how important it is for pastors to communicate with counselors. How do you exercise good communication with the counselors you’re connected with?
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How could you develop or invest in relationships with the counseling community this week? In what ways could you gather their input on the state of counseling in your church?
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When the burden of counseling is too heavy to bear, you can pass them off to a professional. But, don’t drop the responsibility of care for your congregation. Remain active in their lives and love them well. Develop key relationships with Christian counselors and other professionals in your community so you can continue tend to your church. 

You can find more on approval from John in the course The Church that Counsels

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