Advice to Churches from Missionaries

A Missionary's Perspective

Any good partnership features good communication and understanding between partners. Church leaders need to understand their missionary partners so they can would together to obey the Great Commission. In this session from Missio Nexus' On Mission webinar, Mark Morgenstern, Senior Director of Grow2Serve, speaks to church leaders form the point of view of a missionary. He lists four ideas he wishes churches knew about missionaries and mission work. 

Mark talked through four principles he would like the church to know about missionaries:
  • Realize there are two types of missionaries.
  • Think in terms of the cross-cultural nature of a ministry instead of thinking geographically.
  • Evaluate the skills of a missionary before deciding to partner with them.
  • Instill a love for the Great Commission before the missionaries visit. 

What is your church's history with missions partnerships? How do you currently support missionaries? How does your church plan to form partnerships in the future?
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How have you witnessed the two types of missionaries (non-church and church-oriented)? What was your church's overall reaction to each type? Did you partner with them?
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How does your church evaluate potential ministry partnerships? Do you take into account any of the skills Mark mentioned? If so, which ones and why?
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What might it look like to practice Mark's four principles in your church? Which one do you think your church needs to work on the most? Why?
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How could you instill a love for the Great Commission in your congregation this week? What could you do to further your understanding of the missionaries you partner with or to begin to form missions partnerships?
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The mission Jesus set out in the Great Commission exists for all believers—not just missionaries. As a leader of the local church, teach your congregation about God's heart for the nations. Support missionaries and apply Mark's four principles as you form partnerships. 

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