Muslims and the Church

Three Perspectives

Even in the midst of perplexing practices, religious garb, and extremist terrorism, Muslims still need to hear the gospel. What should our attitude be as we tell Muslims about Jesus? In this session from Missio Nexus' On Mission webinar, Ken Katayama, President of Crossover-USA, challenges the typical North American Christian perspective of Muslims. He offers three points of view for the church to consider as we evangelize Muslims in North America. 

 Ken listed three perspectives on engaging Muslims:
  1. Think "people groups" instead of "geographic borders."
  2. Think about kingdom expansion instead of church growth.
  3. Think "Spiritual stewardship" instead of "political correctness."

Which of Ken's points stood out to you the most? Why did it stand out to you?
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What was your perspective on engaging Muslims with the gospel before listening to Ken's talk? What new insights did you gain from his talk?
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What do you see as possible advantages to thinking of people groups instead of geographic borders? How could a people group perspective shape the way you interact with Muslims in your city?
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What does it mean for you to focus on kingdom expansion, rather than on church growth? How have other Christians set an example of having a kingdom mindset in your life?
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How could you exercise spiritual stewardship in how you talk with unbelievers this week? What takeaways from Ken's talk could you apply to how you share the gospel with Muslims?
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Evaluate your perspective on Muslims, the church, and evangelism. Consider adopting some of Ken's points in your ministry this week. Do not shy away from opportunities to share the gospel with Muslims, or anyone who doesn't know Jesus. Pray for the unbelievers in your life—that they would come to believe in Christ.  

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