What God Teaches Through Parenting

Breakthrough Moments as Parents

 Having kids is full of messy spills, tantrums, and play dates. But God still speaks to parents in the midst of the chaos. Christian leaders Melissa Kruger, Jen Wilkin, and Kristie Anyabwile sit down to talk about their experience as parents. They share stories of when God intervened in their lives to nurture their growth as His followers.

Melissa Kruger is the Women's Ministry Coordinator at Uptown Church in Charlotte, North Carolina and author of The Envy of Eve. Jen Wilkin is a speaker, teacher of women's Bible studies, and the author of Women of the Word: How to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Our Minds. Kristie Anyabwile speaks and writes on motherhood, marriage, and ministry, and she serves alongside her husband who is the pastor of Anacostia River Church near Washington, D.C.

Melissa, Kristie, and Jen discussed their “breakthrough” moments with God as parents. They recognize that God is raising them as they raise their own children. God desires to teach all of His children—including you and your kids. 

What “breakthrough” moments have you experienced as a parent? What did God teach you about Himself? How have His lessons influenced your faith and your family?
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Melissa told the story of when God changed her plans for the day so she could care for her son. Have you experienced a moment when God changed your plans for the sake of your kids? If so, how did it impact you, your kids, and your trust in God? If not, how do you think you'd react to God changing your plans for your kids? Why?
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Kristie said we need to embrace the fact that our children are made in God’s image, not ours. How did her point strike you? Why?
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Jen talked about not caring what other parents think about her parenting decisions. Have you made a decision for your kids that other parents disagreed with? If so, what caused you to stand firm? How did your actions make a difference in your family? If not, how do you think you'd handle a situation like Jen's?
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What steps could you take this week toward surrendering your kids to God? How could you be attentive to God’s voice as you parent your children?
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 God holds you and your children in His hands. Surrender your kids back to Him as you lead your kids this week. Pray for them and ask God to teach you about Himself each day. Let Him guide your time and decisions. Seek to honor God by loving your children.

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