Teach Women the Bible

Dare to Go Where Few Women’s Studies Will Go

Sometimes women’s studies talk about topics like modesty and purity or pull principles from stories of women in the Bible. While these studies have certain benefits, there’s another way to approach teaching women. Speakers Paige Brown and Jenny Salt exchange thoughts on why they use expository preaching when they teach and encourage women to stay true to God's Word as they teach and learn from the Bible.

Paige Benton Brown teaches the Bible at her home church and occasional conferences across the country and is a former Reformed University Fellowship staff member. Jenny Salt is Dean of Students, responsible for the pastoral care of students, at Sydney Missionary and Bible College.  

Jenny and Paige reflect on the times they teach women the Bible. They endorse expository preaching—a form of preaching that unpacks an entire passage of Scripture. When they speak, they hope to convey a love of God’s Word to their audience.  

Jenny said she loves to preach through an entire passage of Scripture, include its context, and apply it to women’s lives. Do you resonate with her statement? What kind of teaching do you prefer from other women? Why?
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What’s the difference between the passages women typically speak on (Ruth, Esther, etc.) and the sections of Scripture Jenny and Paige choose to teach from? Do you naturally turn to one or the other when you teach or study the Bible? If so, which one and why?
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Paige said the goal for Christians is sanctification and there’s no such thing as “female sanctification.” How does her statement strike you? Do you agree? Why or why not?
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Jenny and Paige encourage women to listen to God’s Word. How could you set aside time to listen to God this week? What time is best for you to read Scripture during the day? What book of the Bible could you read over the next few weeks?
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Above all else, cherish God’s Word. Push yourself this week as you study the Bible. Try reading passages you usually avoid or find confusing. Look up sermons on those verses from trustworthy pastors or consult a commentary.  Pray for discernment and guidance from the Spirit as you dive into Scripture this week.  

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