The Situation in Southern Africa

Gospel Foundation and False Teachers

For a Christian living in the Western world, sometimes the problems of the global church slip through the cracks. But, in order to support our brothers and sisters in Christ both in prayer and on the mission field, it’s important for Christians to understand their spiritual situation. D.A. Carson sits down with Conrad Mbewe, pastor of Kabwata Baptist Church in Lusaka, Zambia, Africa, to ask him about Zambia, how God is moving there, and problems the church encounters.  

Conrad said the people in Zambia have a deliberate desire to see the church grow through evangelism, a love for God’s Word, and exhibit teachableness—all of which he says are stepping stones of the gospel. However, celebrity teachers plague the country and replace true doctrine with false teaching. 

How does your cultural context relate to Conrad’s? What similarities strike you? Why?
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What differs between the issues your church faces and the problems Conrad mentioned? What stands out to you about the differences? Why?
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If you were to go on a mission trip to Zambia, or another part of southern Africa, what would you be sure to remember and apply from this video? Why? How does Conrad’s interview inform how you would approach evangelism or service?
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Now that you know more about the spiritual situation in Zambia, how could you specifically pray for Christians, pastors, and unbelievers in Zambia this week?
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When you know the spiritual battles of our Christian brothers and sisters, you can gear your prayers toward their specific needs. For the next few minutes, pray for the church in Zambia. Pray for Conrad’s ministry. Also pray for your church—for the leaders of your church and the problems your congregation faces. Thank God for giving you a family that we can pray for across continents. 

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