Find Comfort in Christ

We Look in All the Wrong Places

 A woman loses her job and instead of going to God for comfort, she calls her best friend to vent her frustration. As Christians, our only source of peace should be through Jesus, but we often look to people or other distractions to put us at ease. Christian leaders Gloria Furman, Nancy Guthrie, and Lauren Chandler discuss how women tend to look for satisfaction everywhere but Christ. They emphasize Jesus’ exclusive ability to provide the fullest secturity and encourage women to pursue Him.

Gloria Furman is a wife, mother of four, and the author of Glimpses of Grace, Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full, and The Pastor's Wife. Nancy Guthrie is an author of the Bible study series Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament as well as a worldwide speaker.  Lauren Chandler is a speaker, songwriter, worship leader and wife to Matt Chandler, Lead Teaching Pastor at The Village Church in Dallas, Texas.

Women can look for security anywhere other than in Christ—friendships, their roles as wives or mothers, or online personas. Gloria, Nancy, and Lauren shared their personal struggles with elevating certain friendships over all other relationships and comparison with other women over social media. 

What struck you about the false securities Gloria, Nancy, and Lauren pointed out? Why?
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Nancy referenced the verse in Psalm 23 that says the Good Shepherd’s staff provides comfort. She said God’s comfort is both strong and secure. How does God’s comfort differ from the distractions of the world? Why do you think we often trade in God’s comfort for worldly pursuits?
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Where do you see yourself finding security in the things of the world rather than in Christ? Why and how do those people, habits, or things comfort you?
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Lauren shared her experience of God’s comfort when her husband was diagnosed with cancer. Have you ever experienced God’s comfort? If so, how did He comfort you? Did He speak to you through a certain passage or provide peace through the Holy Spirit? How has God’s comfort transformed your faith?
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How could you take practical steps toward seeking security in Christ this week? What practices or lies could you let go of in order to find security in Jesus?
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 Put your trust in God—the only one who can completely comfort you. Surrender your worldly comforts to Him this week. Ask Him to show you the fulness of His comfort. Read the passages Lauren and Nancy referenced (Psalm 23 and 27). Reflect on God’s faithfulness as He comforts you at the deepest level. 

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