Has Science Buried God?

God Cannot Be Buried

Many people put their confidence in science rather than God. Science is empirical and observable, while God can be mysterious and sometimes hard to understand. Christians need to know how to respond to those who say science has buried God.

Timothy Keller, the founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, and Andy Davis, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in Durham, North Carolina, walk through several issues with scientific theories and how those problems point to God's existence. Listen to Timothy Keller talk about science and God in this first video. 

Tim said that science has not buried God or religion. Many Christian scientists see their work as proving God’s involvement in the world, rather than disproving His existence. 

Do you agree with Tim that science has not buried God? Why or why not?
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Listen as Andy Davis elaborates on specific issues with scientific theories that claim to discredit Christianity. 

God cannot be buried or mocked. Even scientist’s best efforts to denounce God end up pointing to His existence.  

What does the Bible say about those who claim there is no God?
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Which of the issues in science and evolution that Andy mentioned stood out to you the most? Why? How do these problems indicate there is a God?
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How could having confidence in God’s existence impact how you approach your relationships with God and others this week?
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God lives and no person can prove otherwise. God created science and it, along with all of creation, glorifies Him. Focus some of your time today on praising God for His existence and involvement in the world.  

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