The Secret to Customer Loyalty

Customer Service

A company that thrives serves people well, specifically its customers. So who are your customers? And what are the best ways to serve them? In this post, Dina Dwyer Owens explores just that. Dina was CEO of The Dwyer Group for fifteen years before becoming Co-Chairwoman. Now she spends her time promoting the The Dwyer Group’s company culture and code of values, seeking out acquisition opportunities for complimentary service brands, and speaking on local, national, and international stages on behalf of the company. She is the author of Live R.I.C.H. and Values, Inc..

Dina said that no matter what kind of company you have, you have customers. They could be shoppers if you own a store, homeowners if you sell furniture, or volunteers if you run a non-profit. Who are your customers? Who do you serve?
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Dina said as an organization you should always be striving to increase customer loyalty. What does “loyalty” look like to you when it comes to your customers?
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Dina shared a story about a Dwyer Group employee who mowed the lawn of a nursing home. His regular visits and waves to an elderly woman there contributed to her living a full twelve months longer than expected. The woman didn’t pay him, but he treated her like royalty. That story is the result of two things: 
  • The lawn mower felt valued at his work, which allowed him to enjoy and thrive in his job.
  • The lawn mower committed to deliver superior service to the elderly woman.   

Do you think people enjoy working for your organization? Why or why not?
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Do you think your company provides good customer service to people? Why or why not?
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Customer service is certainly about the end-user of the product your company provides. But Dwyer Group also considers employees to be internal customers, so “customer service” for leadership also implies taking great care of employees. They provide tools, resources, training opportunities, authentic praise, and coaching for their employees.  

Do you currently serve your employees in any specific way? If so, what do you do for them? Is there more you can do? If not, what are some things you can do to care specifically for your employees? Make a list.
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What difference might it make in your organization if you commit to caring more specifically for your employees in new ways?
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As you treat both your internal and external customers well, morale in your company will grow, as will your reputation for excellence. Everybody wants to be cared for, so as you care for your employees, their loyalty to you will grow. And as that happens, your external customers will be more loyal to you too. A true win-win!  

 This post was taken from the 5-part course, Stick to the Basics. To view the entire course, click here

Content for this post and the entire Stick to the Basics course was based on Dina Dwyer Owens' book Values, Inc.: How Incorporating Values Into Business and Life Can Change the World.  Find about more about Values: Inc. or buy a copy here