Should Spouses Always Attend the Same Church?

Build Community Together

Everyone has different tastes—in food, music, and even church. For a couple that attends separate churches because of their individual preferences, could that distance impact their marriage? Julie Lowe is a counselor and faculty member for CCEF. She holds an M.A. in counseling from Biblical Theological Seminary, has over fifteen years of counseling experience, and teaches on topics ranging from parenting to marriage. Listen to Julie answer why it’s important for married couples to go to the same church.

Going to church with your spouse can open doors for growth and relationships. Building a foundational community alongside your spouse helps prevent isolation in your marriage. 

What are possible disadvantages to attending a different church than your spouse? What would you have to sacrifice in your marriage?
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What are the dangers of isolation? Why is it better for you and your spouse to find community together?
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Julie gave some examples of benefits she experiences by going to church with her husband. Which of those benefits stands out to you? Why? How could that benefit add to your marriage?
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How has your attitude about going to church with your spouse changed? What can you do in the next few weeks to move toward going to the same church, or deepening your relationship at church together?
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It’s worth it to go to the same church as your spouse. Strive to find a church community where you and your spouse can invest and grow together. 

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