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More Than Just Production

Have you ever loved your work but felt pulled away from the office? Our jobs are a big part of our lives, but they’re not everything. Shelley Simpson learned about work/life balance when she was promoted to Vice President within her company and felt God call her to stay home with her children. In this video from the WorkMatters FUSE Forum, she shares how her experience shaped the way she now aligns her company’s business objectives with employee care. Shelley began her career at J.B. Hunt as a customer service representative in 1994 after graduating from college. She has been with the company ever since, now serving as Chief Marketing Officer, EVP, and President of Integrated Capacity Solutions.

Shelley’s been with J.B. Hunt since graduating from college. During that time, she met and married her husband, had children, and been promoted multiple times. In other words, she’s had a lot of life experiences and competing priorities.  

What major milestones have you reached or seasons have you gone through since you began your career? In what ways have you struggled to balance those along with your work?
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Shelley said J.B. Hunt has always made her feel like more than just a worker. How do your company's policies make you feel? Do you think you make other employees feel this way? How can you validate them?
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Shelley’s career was fast-moving, and at one point, just as she was being promoted to Vice President, she felt God call her to spend more time at home with her children. She took a step back from the company for two years and worked part-time. Though she felt guilty about it, she had the company’s full support.  

Have you ever sensed God calling you away from work even though you were devoted to work? What feelings surfaced at that time? If you made a change, how did your company respond?
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Shelley’s company made a personal connection with her in her time of need, and it made a significant impact. Now she wants to make the same personal connections with other employees at J.B. Hunt and encourages other executives to do the same. Shelley explained the importance of letting people know that executives are real people with real experiences, and their employees are too. Each person is more than production. 

Describe what your company's culture would look and feel like if leadership aimed to understand their employees more and talk about their lives outside of work.
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The goal of company care isn’t to provide a counseling service for employees; it’s to help employees balance and integrate what’s important in both their work and home lives. Essentially, showing your care in this kind of intentional way will not only alleviate some anxiety in your employees but also bear witness to God who cares for each of them in both the easy and difficult times of life—when we feel weak, and when we feel strong.   

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