Learn the Skill of Focus

It Take a Different Skill

Studying the Bible and praying in the morning takes a different set of skills than maintaining focus on God throughout the workday. Doug Sherman, CEO of Oak Mortgage Group and author of Your Work Matters, explains the method he uses to develop a strong and consistent focus on God while at work.

Everyone's different, and everyone needs a different kind of reminder to refocus on God throughout the day. For Doug, he uses texts taken from Bible verses. Regardless of method, however, reminders help us to maintain a servant's attitude.

Do you prepare before work to serve God with your day? If so, how? If not, why not?
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Do you have a method for reminding yourself to pause and refocus on God throughout the workday? If so, what is it? If not, what would be most helpful to you?
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What could you do today specifically to emphasize a God-centered focus for your work?
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 Distractions fill our day. Phones ring, meetings pop up, and emails flood into our inboxes. In the midst of the workday, it can be difficult to focus on the most important things. This week, take the time to develop and implement a system to remind you to focus on the right thing—serving God with every moment of your day.

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