4 - True Leadership

Amplify, Multiply, Qualify

Good leaders are armed with courage and a few solid mentors to encourage them. How do you go from being a good leader to being a great leader? In this fourth session, Tony shares three key words for what he calls "next level leadership."

Leadership is many things, but one thing it’s not is pushing. It’s not telling people what to do or pushing people toward a certain result.  

Do you have any experience with leaders who push? What progress do they seem to make? What results do they get?
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Tony said that good leaders influence. They lead their people toward a specific end that gives them a sense of confidence and conviction. How would you describe the difference between pushing and influencing?
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Who is a good leader who inspires you? In what ways does their leadership give you a sense of confidence and conviction? What does he or she do that brings that sense out in you?
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Tony talks about “next level leadership.” In other words, good leaders can always become great leaders, and great leaders can always become even better. Tony shared three words he uses to talk about next level leadership:

  • Amplify
  • Multiply 
  • Qualify

Amplifying is taking on more, expanding your reach. Often leaders get locked into one small niche of their role, which stifles growth. Amplifying allows leaders to broaden the scope of what they do.  

Where do you see the potential to amplify in your current role? What would you need to do to make that expansion possible? Are you ready for it now?
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Multiplying goes back to the idea of mentoring we covered in the second session of this course. By having mentors and by being a mentor, leaders are able to multiply what they get done. Mentors protect against blindspots and help leaders become much more effective.  

In what ways can you see that mentors would take you to the next level as a leader?
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Qualifying asks, “What do I now know that I need to be more grounded in?” It’s about the simple idea that we need to be grounded in whatever it is we do. Qualifying gives leaders confidence in what they know, and from that confidence comes conviction and then courage.  

Are there areas of your field where you’d like to grow more from knowledge to understanding? If so, what are they? In what ways will greater understanding of these areas take you to the next level of leadership?
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No one wants to be told what to do or feel rushed into a new direction, but everybody likes to be influenced. Influence inspires people, encourages them, makes a difference in their lives. As you consider your leadership, consider how you can take it to the next level. What will it take to not be good, but great?