Three Things Leaders Do Well

Vision, Strategy, Relationships

Think about the best leaders you know, or even the best leaders in the Bible. What sets them apart? Why are they so effective? Listen as Alan Danielson shares three things all great leaders do well to inspire you to grow as a leader yourself. Alan Danielson serves as the Senior Pastor at New Life Bible Church in Norman, Oklahoma. He is also a small group ministry consultant and leadership coach for pastors and business leaders. 

Alan talked about the three things all good leaders do well: 

  1. Cast vision - motivates people 
  2. Execute strategy - directs people
  3. Foster relationships - cares for and keeps people

Who do you know who does all three well? Describe a specific time when their vision motivated you, strategy directed you, and commitment to your relationship made you feel valued.
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Which of these do you do well? Share specific examples and how your followers responded.
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Which of these do you need improvement? How might you go about doing that? How will you know when you have improved or are successful in that area?
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Jesus is our vision and our mission. Let's be great leaders who share His vision with others and who lovingly give His people the tools and direction to accomplish His mission in the world.