The Design of a Leader

It Starts At Home

For Cheryl Bachelder, CEO of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, leadership is in her blood. Her father was a leader in the computer hardware industry, and their family traveled across the world. Every one of Cheryl's siblings has ended up as either the president of a company or a founder. In the following video, Cheryl looks at the atmosphere of her upbringing and discusses the things that prepared her and her siblings to lead well.

Cheryl remarked on her parents' dedication to preparing their children for leadership. This involved teaching values, challenging the kids to pursue their particular design, and to work hard. 

Look back on your life. How would you describe your personal values? Where did you learn them? From whom?
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Do you know your personal skills and talents? If so, what are they? How did you discover what they are? If not, consider taking a strength-finding survey or talking with a long-time friend or coworker.
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Cheryl and her siblings learned to view the workplace as a place to serve other people. How have you come to view your job? What are you there to do? Why do you hold that view?
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Consider the people you have an opportunity to influence. How could you—this week—help someone grow in their values, find their strengths, or strive to serve people?
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Both the design of our personality and talents and the direction of others combine to shape us as people. As you reflect on your past this week, identify those things that others did for you to help you arrive at your current place of leadership. Commit to finding others that you can help, and cast a vision for the people they could become. 

Work According to Your Design

Cheryl has to balance several different roles: mother, wife, and CEO. She recognizes the stress that comes from comparison—with other mothers, other wives, and other CEOs. In this video, Cheryl presents a solution that focuses on the divine design behind your life. 

 You are made in God's image. That means He designed you for a particular set of roles, with particular talents and skills, aimed at a particular goal. Cheryl encourages people of all kinds to find that divine design in their lives.

How would you describe your own divine design? What skills and talents has God given you? What roles has He entrusted to you? What life purpose has He given you a passion to follow?
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For Cheryl, comparison with others stood as an obstacle to pursuing the things she wanted to accomplish in her life. What things keep you from pursuing your divine design (comparison, expectations, etc.)?
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How could Cheryl's perspective of divine design affect the way you approach your work this week? What would change? What would grow stronger?
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 Each of us is unique. God has designed us with specific talents, skills, and passions that we are called to use well in the workplace. We have people in our lives who help shape us into who we are, and continue to offer guidance and encouragement. As you go to work this week, remember your divine design. Pursue your calling, and encourage others. 

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