Equip Business Leaders to Disciple

A Businessman's Request

Most people who sit in the pews on Sunday spend the majority of their waking hours at work. Many of those same people struggle with applying their faith to their jobs. In this video made in collaboration with WorkMatters, Donnie Smith, the President and CEO of Tyson Foods Inc., challenges pastors to find those businessmen and women who are already living their faith at work, and then equip them to teach others.

Donnie challenges pastors to engage in the work that Ephesians calls them to: equipping the saints to build up the body of Christ. Find the business leaders who have already closed the gap between faith and work, and then help them equip others to do the same. 

As a pastor, do you specifically disciple those of your congregation who work in the "secular" world? If so, how? If not, why not?
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Who in your congregation could you identify and pursue in order to establish a ministry of equipping businesspeople to do God's work in the world?
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What help would you need to successfully disciple business leaders to do the work of the ministry? Where can you go to find that help?
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What steps can you take this week to begin equipping men and women to integrate their faith with their work?
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As a pastor, you have the unique opportunity to equip God's people to do His work in the world. When you engage with the men and women who are already integrating their faith with their work, you can both learn from them and empower them to disciple others. This week, find someone you can equip to equip others. 

To find out more about WorkMatters or to find out how to attend their next event, click here.