Mission Trip Leaders: The Importance of Prayer

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As a mission trip leader, we ask that you seek Scripture, prayer and fellowship with your team in preparation for what God will do in and through you as you go forth in service to Him. Prayer is an essential part of leading teams. In this session, we'll look how to make prayer a priority.

What are we really asking for when we pray for patience, forgiveness, or understanding? As you watch this short video about prayer, consider your own attitude about prayer. 

That video illustrates that when we pray, ultimately, we're trusting in God alone to grant us our requests. And with our responsibilities, isn't it a relief to place our trust in God?!

Take a moment to think about your mission trip ... the people who will be joining your team, the people you will serve, the lost who will hear about Christ and even the details of your travels. What are you trusting God for in your mission journey?
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Prayer is the most spiritual thing a Christian can do, so it is important that you lead your team spiritually through prayer. Are you trusting God? Are you leading your team to trust in God?

Listen as Eric Willis, Lead Community Pastor from Bent Tree Bible Fellowship near Dallas, teaches that getting prayer in your group is an overflow of the leader's personal prayer life.

There are so many details to keep straight in your head as a team leader that it is possible to forget to engage your own heart. Keep yourself connected with God through prayer before, during and after your journey. You won't have lots of time to read and meditate, so you will most likely do more praying than you have ever done. 
Here are some key opportunities: 
  • Pray for your team. 
  • Pray with your team. 
  • Pray over team members. 
  • Pray in small groups. 
  • Pray with your hosts and translators. 
  • Pray before ministry endeavors and praise after them. 
  • Pray in airports, taxis, vans and buses.

Take a few moments to reflect on your own personal prayer life before you continue with this session. 

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Rick Howerton is a highly sought-after small group trainer. Rick offers suggestions to help you lead your team to pray in faith and cautions the stagnant prayers of praying "the list."

Do you find yourself pressed for time and just "praying the list"? Are you modeling a praying life to your team?

Consider involving your team in a team prayer event where the entire team sets aside designated time to pray for each other, your mission experience and the people you will minister to during your trip. Assigning prayer partners within your team is also a good way to keep prayer in the forefront.

What are some ideas you have to lead your team to praying in faith?
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Prayer is all about worshiping our Almighty God - trusting in Him. So take a deep breath ... slow down and take the next few moments to focus your heart and be blessed. 

I love how spoken-word artist Amena Brown draws us closer to the heart of God as she encourages us to pray without ceasing and to find our place of prayer.

For more on prayer, check out this 4-part series from Francis Chan, Prayer.