Gospel Community

Interconnected and Interdependent

We live in a highly individualistic society…making decisions to satisfy our wants and needs, taking pride in our independence. But is that what God wants for us? Listen as Spence Shelton describes in two videos the theology of community and how to develop interconnected and interdependent relationships. Spence Shelton is the Lead Pastor at Mercy Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is the co-author of The People of God, as well as two small group studies with Tim Keller. 

How do you experience community? In what ways does your community love and care for you, and how do you love and care for them?
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Spence said that we are called to be interconnected and interdependent in Christian community. How have you experienced this kind of community and how has it shaped your life and faith? When have you been fearful of deep connection and dependence on others and why?
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In this video, Spence shares how being intentional with time and language can develop interconnected, interdependent, and gospel-centered relationships. 

Spence encouraged us to prioritize relationships and invite others to join us in everyday activities. List a few people in your church or small group who you want to get to know more. What are some things you typically do alone that you could do with those people? How else could you be more intentional with your time to grow those relationships?
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Spence also encouraged us to be intentional in our language by rehearsing the gospel with each another using phrases like:

  • I’m sorry.
  • I forgive you.
  • How can I serve you? 
  • I love you. 

How do you exhort and encourage your community? Who might need your apology or forgiveness? Who might need to be served or told they are loved? When have you been the recipient of these phrases in Christian community and how did it impact you?
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God is community–three in one, interconnected and interdependent. Made in His image, we were created for the same kind of community. May we be intentional to pursue intimate relationships that represent our triune God and His gospel.