Contagious Worship

Word and Prayer

It takes a lot of skill and talent to be a worship leader…from planning to playing to singing to leading. But what might be the most important is that you are a worshipper yourself. Listen as Phil Wickham shares how to be a contagious and abiding worshipper who inspires people to respond to God. Phil has five critically acclaimed albums and travels across the country leading worship at churches and conferences.

Describe moments when you have felt the presence of the Lord and have been moved to worship Him. What did you see or learn about the character or nature of God in those moments? How do you share those moments with those you lead in worship?
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Phil said that we can only know and respond to the voice of God through His Word. How have you come to know, trust, and love God through reading and studying His Word? How has that time impacted how you lead worship today? How do you incorporate Scripture into your services?
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How have you come to know, trust, and love God through prayer? How does prayer impact how you lead worship?
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When we abide in Christ, we have the eyes and hearts to respond to God in worship. Phil said that as we respond, we love God more. And when we love God more, we read and pray more. It is a beautiful cycle, thanks be to God.