Unleash Business Leaders

Ministry in the Marketplace

You know that ministry is not limited to the role of pastor or the four walls of your church, but do your congregants? Do the business leaders in your church recognize the powerful opportunity they have to minister in the marketplace? In this short video, Steve Green encourages pastors to rally behind business leaders and help them be a light in their workplaces and communities. Steve Green is the President of Hobby Lobby Stores, the largest privately owned arts and crafts retailer in the world. He is also the author of two books: Faith in America and The Bible in America.  

Share at least one story of a business leader in your congregation ministering in the marketplace. How could you better equip and encourage congregants to do the same?
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Do you think your business leaders consider their work as valuable as ministry work? Why or why not? What language could you be using that elevates the ministry over the marketplace?
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How might cultivating relationships with business leaders in your church help them feel more supported by the church and encourage them to live out their faith at work?
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The business leaders in our churches do not need a Bible or prepared lesson on Sunday to preach and teach Christ. They have the opportunity to reflect His love and character day in and day out as they serve their teams and clients, work with honesty and excellence, and trust in the wisdom of the Lord to make decisions. Help them do that.