Three Views of Work

Invite God to Work

What is the purpose of work? Listen as Doug Sherman contrasts a biblical view of work with two false views many Christians share. You will be encouraged to enjoy God through your work. Doug is the founder and CEO of three companies and the author of several books including Your Work Matters to God.  

Doug shared three different views of work:

  1. God does not care about secular work, only spiritual work. 
  2. The purpose of work is lead people to Christ and fund missions. 
  3. God wants to enjoy us and for us to enjoy him through work.  

Which view of work do you hold? Who or what has contributed to this view?
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Doug described God as a perfect and personal Father. Do you see God this way? Why or why not?
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How could you enjoy God more throughout your work day? When could you invite Him in?
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God cares about every aspect of your life. He loves you and delights in you at all times. Rest in the truth that you do not have to prove yourself to Him through work, but simply enjoy Him and the skills and passions He has given you to bless the world.