Grieving a Loss

2012 The Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference

Are you grieving a loss or want to better minister to those who are? In this 54-minute session from the TGC Women’s Conference, Nancy Guthrie shares from personal experience seven ways to survive grief and come out on the other side with joy.

Nancy Guthrie teaches the Bible at her home church, at conferences around the world, and through her study series titled Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament. She also offers companionship and biblical insight for parents grieving the death of a child through retreats, videos, and books.  

Describe a time you grieved the loss of a loved one, or walked with someone through loss. What specific things helped and hurt the healing process?
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Nancy shared seven things she believes it takes to get through grief:

  1. Time to be sad
  2. Time spent searching the Scriptures
  3. Forgiving, and then more forgiving
  4. Making hard choices to move forward
  5. Telling yourself the Truth
  6. Reaching out to someone else
  7. God filling up the empty places 

If you have ever experienced a loss, which of these have helped you heal? Which have been the hardest to endure and why?
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Nancy said, “Faith does not make loss hurt less.” Have you ever felt pressure from anyone to limit how long and hard you grieve? How does this truth bring freedom and help you think differently about faith?
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Have you ever allowed grief to define you life and your love for the person you lost? What does it look like to be sad, but defined by a connection to Jesus?
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Who is grieving a loss in your faith community? In what ways could you encourage and love her? What did you learn in this session that might help you better minister to that person?
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Nancy concluded with the good news that the grace of Jesus is enough to fill the empty places in our hearts with hope and peace. She said, “God does his best with empty…invite God in.” 

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