Build a Personal Board of Directors

The Slap We All Need

Steve Reinemund served with PepsiCo for over 23 years, the last six of which he spent as the CEO. He retired as the Dean of the Business School at Wake Forest University in 2014. He knows well how success can lead to the temptation to compromise. Steve shares his strategy to prevent falling off the cliff—he builds a personal board of directors. With the accountability of truth tellers in our lives, we can avoid the pitfalls that often accompany success. 

We must have people in our lives who are willing and able to step in and keep us on course. Sometimes we simply need people to ask us hard questions about our choices. 

Who would you identify as a truth teller in your life?
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Steve warns against relying on coworkers and team members as truth tellers—their success is tied to yours, and they may not push back on foolish decisions. Who in your life is truly invested in seeing you succeed in your convictions and values? If you don’t have a truth teller currently, who could you ask?
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How would your life be different if you gathered a group of committed truth tellers? Is it worth it to you? Why or why not?
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We don’t always see the pitfalls in our path. We need people around us who can direct and guide us when our success blinds us to potential failure. As you go through your day, consider those in your life who are invested in keeping you on the right course. Rely on them to tell you the truth, and, when they speak, listen. 

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