There is No "Middle Road" featuring Francis Chan

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Listening to the messages of the  RightNow Conference in 2009, this part of his message really hit me. Too many of us believe there is a "Middle Road" that is just good enough, and the "radicals" can follow the narrow road of Christ.

Do you see the people you lead falling into the trap of following the mythical Middle Road? How do we address "middle road" believers? Are we conveying a message that makes people happy or do we design the message and programs to carry out the mission of our church?
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Take some time to pray for the people you lead. Pray that they would stay true to the call of God on their lives. Pray that they would not seek after the Middle Road - a path to comfort and security. Pray that we can encourage people to live beyond their own comfort and carry out the mission of the Church. 

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