Your Compelling Personal Vision

Lead Like Jesus Encounter Workshop

How can leaders benefit from a personal vision statement? Listen as Ken Blanchard describes how a compelling personal vision keeps leaders focused on their goals. He walks us through three steps to creating one and even shares his own for inspiration. 

Ken Blanchard is an author, speaker, leadership consultant, and the Co-Founder of Lead Like Jesus, a global leadership development organization that inspires and equips leaders to model Jesus. 

Do you have a personal vision statement? If so, what is your statement and how has it evolved over the years? If not, how do you think having one could influence your life and leadership?
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Ken outlined three parts to a compelling personal vision:
  1. Purpose: What will you do in the world to glorify God?
  2. Legacy: How do you want to be remembered?
  3. Values: What will guide your journey? 

To determine purpose, Ken encouraged us to pick 2–3 nouns that describe who we are and then 2–3 verbs that tell how we influence others. What are your two nouns? What are your two verbs?
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To determine legacy, Ken asked us to write our own obituary. How do you want yours to read? What might you need to pursue or do differently today to ensure you leave that legacy?
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To determine value, Ken told us to choose a spiritual value, relational value, and personal value that we hold. What spiritual value guides your actions? Relational value? Personal value?
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Combining each part, how might your personal vision statement read? What does it mean for where you are today? What clarity does it provide for your next steps?
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Did you find this exercise helpful? Why or why not? What was the most challenging part and why? What did you learn about yourself in reflection?
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This is only the beginning of your personal vision statement. Give it to God in prayer. Ask Him for increase wisdom and self-awareness and allow Him to make the changes so that it truly reflects your divine design.  

This video is part of the Lead Like Jesus Encounter–a Leadership Development Workshop. For more information about Lead Like Jesus and how you can attend a workshop, click here.