Effective Apology

Lead Like Jesus Encounter Workshop

Saying “I’m sorry” is a big deal, especially for leaders. Ken Blanchard explains the critical importance of apologies to help us understand that saying “I’m sorry” does not make us weak leaders. Rather, it demonstrates strength of character and builds trust. 

Ken Blanchard is an author, speaker, leadership consultant, and the Co-Founder of Lead Like Jesus, a global leadership development organization that inspires and equips leaders to model Jesus.

Is it harder for you to admit your mistakes or apologize to someone? Why? When you avoid them, what might you be trying to control?
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When has someone you admired admitted to a mistake and apologized? How did that vulnerability impact you as a leader?
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How would you describe the culture of your team? Do you think people feel freedom to admit their mistakes? Why or why not? How could you build a more vulnerable and trusting community?
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We all make mistakes. When we do, lets rest in the unconditional love of the Father and respond in obedience by accepting our failures and apologizing to those we may have hurt in the process. 

This video is part of the Lead Like Jesus Encounter—a Leadership Development Workshop. For more information about Lead Like Jesus and how you can attend a workshop, click here.