The Power of Gender-Specific Groups with Derek Bell

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One of the goals of small groups—of “doing life” together—is growth, both spiritual and relational. Listen to this real-life story about Ben’s small group, and how this group of young men began to mature together.

It’s pretty clear that these guys were willing to be vulnerable and open up about both the good things and the struggles in their lives. It’s doubtful that these guys would have been as honest if they were meeting in a coed group. Other than sexual sins, what else might men feel more comfortable talking about with just other guys? How might women benefit from meeting just with other women?
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Derek Bell discovered a powerful truth in his small group when they began separating men and women for the purpose of going deeper in relationship. Derek is a Community Group Pastor at Fellowship Bible Church in Nashville.

Derek mentioned that the catalyst that led to successful spiritual growth was gender-specific groups. Derek was excited about the growth that he saw in the men’s group, since when men begin to mature, the "whole family is impacted." What are some ways you can encourage the men and women in your church to invest in honest, accountable and godly relationships with people of the same gender?
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