Rethinking Work

2013 The Gospel Coalition Faith at Work Conference

In this 37-minute session from the 2013 TGC Faith at Work Conference, Katherine Alsdorf and Dave Kiersznowski encourage pastors and church leaders to teach a rich theology of work and rethink how they talk about secular jobs.

Katherine is the Senior Fellow of the Faith, Work & Leadership Initiative at Redeemer City to City. Dave Kiersznowski is the CEO and co-founder with his wife of the DEMDACO Corporation. 

Katherine shared how Redeemer Presbyterian Church started its marketplace ministry. They studied the demographics of congregants and then asked three questions: Where would we like to see them in 20 years? What sort of people would we like them to be? What is the impact of the gospel on their careers? 

Take a few minutes to think about the people in your church. What are the various ages and educational levels? What do you know about their work? Where would you like to see them in 20 years, and what kind of people would you like them to be?
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How is your work changed by the gospel? How might a deeper understanding of the redemptive scope of the gospel impact the careers of your congregants? In what way could that be taught and modeled at your church?
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Dave shared examples of how pastors and church leaders use language that elevates ministry work and devalues secular work. What language do you use that could be received as elevating ministry work? Do you think the people in your church understand that their work outside the church is just as valuable? Why or why not?
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Dave explained how the gospel has directly influenced the layout of his office building, the family benefits, and more. What do you think of his intentionality to foster community, hospitality, and family? In what ways could you be more intentional to lead and serve your staff?
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The gospel changes everything. Take time think about how it can be applied more deeply to your own work and how you can teach it to others.

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