Reframing Pastoral Work Panel

2013 The Gospel Coalition Faith at Work Conference

In this 29-minute session from the 2013 TGC Faith at Work Conference, Mark Mellinger hosts Tim Keller, Tom Nelson, Crawford Loritts, Bob Doll, and John Yates in a panel discussion about how to practically equip congregants to integrate their faith and work. 

The panelists recommend three books for pastors and leaders to read about the theology of work:

  • Every Good Endeavor by Tim Keller and Katherine Alsdorf
  • Work Matters by Tom Nelson
  • The Call by Os Guinness 

As a pastor or lay leader, how do you teach a theology of work and worship? What ideas from the panel could be implemented in your church?
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How might an understanding of the creation mandate in Genesis 2 to cultivate and keep encourage and empower people in their work? Do you think the people at your church consider their work as valuable as ministry work?
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Who in your church do you often gravitate toward meeting with? Who else might you need to start meeting regularly to gain a better understanding of the marketplace and ensure your sermons or lessons connect?
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What impacted you most form this panel discussion? Why?
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Crawford said, “I had to learn that the vision of the church is not what you want people to do, or to accomplish what at the leadership has in mind. The vision of the church is the people. I’ve got to serve them, die to my interests, understand their world, where they are living their calling, and pull myself to them.”  

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