Redefining Work Panel

2013 The Gospel Coalition Faith at Work Conference

In this 44-minute session from the 2013 TGC Faith at Work Conference, Mark Mellinger hosts Tim Keller, Dave Kiersznowski, Bob Doll, Katherine Alsdorf, and Greg Forster in a panel discussion about the value of all work and the meaning of calling. 

How does the quality of your work and your attitude at work witness to nonbelievers? Have you, or someone you know, ever sacrificed profit or position to maintain integrity? If so, how did people respond?
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When you think of work, what comes to mind? Do you consider it tied to a paycheck, or do you consider it any labor? How did this panel redefine the meaning of work for you?
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In what ways does your work, in an office or at home, image and glorify God, promote human flourishing, care for creation, or create economic value?
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Tim said, “Calling is doing something we do because God calls us to do it.” And then he explained that calling can be discerned by need or ability: “You can start with need and get to ability, or start with ability and get to need.”

Does your work feel like your calling? Why or why not? How does it meet needs and use your gifts and abilities?
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Greg said, “The work place is one of the most important places where humans shape culture.” Be excellent, be moral, and be distinct. 

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