Teaching Students to Love Others featuring Francis Chan

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Think of the different students in your group. Although many students live in affluence, not all do. In this real-life story, Emma honestly shares how the sad circumstances of her life make her feel rejected by God.

Chances are, there’s someone like Emma in your group or at your church that has been ridiculed and belittled. What would you say to someone who had gone through a situation like Emma’s?
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What would you say to those teens that teased her on the bus? How will you encourage the students in your group to be more compassionate and inclusive of others? Is there one teen in particular that you can encourage with a call or an email this week?
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Francis Chan is a nationally-recognized speaker and the best-selling author of "Crazy Love" and "Forgotten God." He is passionate about seeing teens display a much deeper love for Jesus and their neighbors. After listening to Emma's story, Francis shows how he would challenge students to say “no” to pride and “yes” to humbly helping others around us who are in need.

Francis is telling students that when it comes to status, we should take our cue from Jesus. Take a moment to read Philippians 3:3–11. We are so familiar with the story of Jesus that we can easily forget that He lived in the splendor of heaven with the Father from eternity past. Jesus IS God. Talk about status! But he “made himself nothing” (v. 7).

How can you challenge your students this week with what you’ve learned in this training?
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Let's make sure our students realize if they bow before the altar of popularity, they are forsaking something essential to their faith. That would be forgetting a crucial aspect of who Jesus is, and the mission he’s called all of us on—to make disciples of all nations and peoples regardless of their social status. Jesus wants them to look at those on their campus who are hurting and need Him, and do everything we can to reach them with His message of love, hope, and salvation.

This teaching video is an excerpt from the Surrender Bible study series. You can find the entire series exclusively in the RightNow Media Bible Study LIbrary. Direct link: RightNowMedia.org/Media/Series/14

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